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Solution Description

ArcherMind has rich development experience on  Android smart phone system. We can provide an Android smart phone total software solution including driver development, system integration, personalized effects, UI customization, application program customization, operators’ product customization, and more.


  • Support for the latest Android version ;
  • Improve and fix the problems in the Android OS (system framework and local applications);
  • Improve UE in Android;
  • Enhance the original functions and develop and integrate new functions (Driver, HAL, Framework, and Application);
  • Extend communication application functions: intelligent dialing, SIM contacts, etc.;
  • Develop applications tools: file browser, notepad, RSS, etc.;
  • Widget development: Weather, news, SMS, Email, calendar, contacts, etc.;
  • Integrate third-party applications like: IM, Office, etc.;
  • Media-enhancement: VoIP, CMMB, Super Media Player;
  • Pass Android CTS;
  • Meet operators’ customization requirements.

Function Interface

Solution Advantages

ArcherMind could do deep customization development of smart phone in Android-based system by basing on many mainstream chipset hardware platforms of numerous handset chip companies so as to meet customers’ product definition demand. ArcherMind’s rich experiences in the field permits customers shorten smart phone development cycle and lower R&D risk.