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Tablet PC

Solution Description

ArcherMind can provide “Hardware + Software” total solution for an Android tablet PC product, thereby supporting deep customization to tablet PC implementation utilizing the Android operating system.

Target Users

Operators, Terminal Device Manufacturers, Education System, Financial, Medical, Insurance and Military Industry.

Function Interface

Solution Advantages

Industry Tablet PC Solution Advantages:

  • 7/9 inch portable screen, can replace traditional PCs allowing customization for outdoor usage;
  • Enhanced battery life, 7-8 hours continuously run-time;
  • Able to custom “Hardware + Software” total solution according to requirements;
  • Support for 3G modules.

Education System Tablet PC Solution Advantages:

  • 7/9 inch screen, support for dual screens and capable of replacing traditional books;
  • Support PDF/TXT/ePub/OEB/FB2, etc.;
  • Powerful multimedia capabilities, supporting multiple formats, SD cards, and adaptive screens;
  • Seamless switching, support with 2G/3G/Wi-Fi;

Entertainment System Tablet PC Solution Advantages:


  • Integrated STP protocol stack with Android OS;
  • Uses OpenCore 2-way engine in data transmission;
  • Interface development.

 Multimedia Enhancement

  • Supports more coding/decoding types: WMA, WMV, RMVB, etc.;
  • Support more container formats: AV1, MKV, etc.


  • Supports of  TS stream in OpenCore;
  • Support of RTSP transmission in OpenCore;
  • Support of multicast;
  • Extended WebKit supporting custom labels.